Insurance claims file:

We are excited to introduce our new service designed to provide homeowners with unparalleled peace of mind in the event of home damage requiring an insurance claim.


Go Naples Concierge now offers a comprehensive home inventory documentation service, where our experienced team meticulously photographs every room and item in your home. This includes detailed shots of all appliances, capturing their model numbers and other relevant information.


By creating an extensive visual record of your belongings, we help ensure that you have an accurate and detailed inventory readily available. This service simplifies the process of submitting an insurance claim, reducing stress and uncertainty during difficult times. 


With Go Naples Concierge, you can feel confident knowing that you have all the necessary documentation to support your claim, helping to expedite the process and ensure you receive proper compensation for your losses. Protect your home and valuables with our trusted inventory documentation service today.


This service is ideal for:

- New homeowners who need to establish a baseline condition of their property.
- Those living in areas prone to natural disasters where regular documentation could facilitate faster insurance claims post-disaster.
- Property owners with high-value items or unique home features that require detailed documentation.
- Real estate investors who manage multiple properties need consistent insurance documentation.


What are the benefits of using a professional service to take "before" photos for home insurance?

-Accuracy and Detail: Professional services use high-quality cameras and have the expertise to capture every detail of your home, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
-Time-stamped Documentation: Our service provides clear, time-stamped photos that can be crucial in proving the condition of your home before any damage.
-Increased Claim Efficiency: Detailed and professionally taken photos speed up the claim process, as insurers can quickly verify your home's pre-damage state.
-Potential for Higher Claim Approval: Detailed documentation increases the likelihood of your claim being approved at the value you expect, as there is clear evidence of your home’s prior condition.
-Stress Reduction: Delegating photo documentation to professionals can reduce homeowners' stress and time burden, especially during the busy times of moving or after purchasing a new property, or when you see an imminent natural disaster predicted.


What are the consequences of not using this service?

-Lack of Detail: Photos taken without professional expertise might miss important details that could prove crucial during a claim.
-Questionable Photo Validity: Insurers may question the validity of photos that are not professionally captured and timestamped, potentially leading to disputes.
-Delayed Claims Process: Without clear and detailed photos, the claims process can be delayed as insurers might require additional documentation or inspections.
-Reduced Settlement Amounts: Inadequate documentation can result in lower settlement amounts, as insurers may not fully understand the extent of pre-damage conditions.
Increased Stress and Responsibility: Homeowners must remember to update their photo documentation regularly and ensure all angles and details are covered, which can be a significant additional responsibility.


How often should photos be updated?

We recommend updating your photos:
- After any significant home renovation or addition.
- Upon purchasing new, valuable items.
- At least once every two years to maintain records that reflect any natural changes or aging in the home’s condition.