Why You Must Have Humidity Control in Your Naples Home

Today, we’d like to dive deep and focus on a topic we as home watch professionals hold near and dear to our hearts: humidity control. It may not sound very exciting, but humidity control is a truly important facet of maintaining a healthy living environment in your Naples Florida home. 

Let’s explore some tips to help you manage humidity levels effectively and keep your property from some of the serious potential risks (including structural impacts, mold growth and air quality issues). Here’s a dive into the topic: 

Understanding the Role of Humidistats and Dehumidifiers

Many Florida homes are equipped with humidistats, control devices that work with HVAC

systems to adjust moisture levels in the air. However, humidistats can be unreliable, and setting

them correctly can be a challenge if you aren’t familiar with the right settings. It is essential to avoid excessively high humidity levels, as they can lead to mold growth and other issues. Experts recommend maintaining humidity levels between 45% and 50% for a comfortable and healthy living space. If you have a humidistat the best idea is to turn it off and let the AC control the humidity. Remember your AC needs to know when to kick in in order to remove humidity. Additionally, it’s helpful to hire a home watch professional, like our team, to ensure your humidistat is working properly and always set at the right temperature. 

The Impact of High Humidity

When relative humidity exceeds 55%, there is an increased risk of mold growth, especially in

warm and humid climates like Florida. Mold thrives in moist environments, making it very important to eliminate excess moisture to prevent microbial growth. One effective way to mitigate microbial growth and mildew is by using the air conditioner in your home regularly and monitoring the humidity levels. Regular maintenance, including changing air filters and cleaning cooling coils, can help maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

Choosing the Right Solution: Dehumidifiers vs. Moisture Absorbers

Some homeowners use moisture absorbers like DampRid to control humidity in their homes.

While these products can help minimize mildew-like odors in small areas, they are not suitable

for continuous moisture removal and can easily get full and without anyone monitoring them

they can burst causing a lot more damage. A high-quality dehumidifier, on the other hand, can

efficiently extract moisture from the air. You can opt for a dehumidifier with sufficient capacity

to match your home’s humidity levels, aiming for at least 30-70 pints of water removal per day depending on the humidity levels in your particular place.

Combining Dehumidifiers with Air Conditioning

Air conditioners have two functions– 1) To cool the air and remove humidity naturally from the air and 2) To disperse it outside the home through a condensate line. That’s why it’s so important to keep your FAN AUTO and COOL ON in your thermostat. Keeping the FAN on AUTO mode allows for the AC to start once the humidity levels are above normal. In the event of an AC failure or high humidity levels, a dehumidifier serves as a reliable backup, maintaining the desired humidity range of 45%-50%.

Regular Maintenance with Your Local HVAC Service 

To properly maintain your AC, it is recommended that you service your HVAC unit at least twice a year, however if your AC is old and is not removing humidity efficiently your HVAC company might need to service your unit more often. Additionally, there are other factors that come into place as well to maintain your AC so it is best to always consult your HVAC professional, request a report after each visit and keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Remember, prevention is key! You do not want your AC unit failing during the peak of summer or experience your unit malfunctioning while you are away from home. 

Support from Professional Home Watch Services

GO Naples Concierge offers professional home watch services to residents of specific Naples, Florida communities. Their Certified Home Watch experts can manage temperature and humidity levels on-site, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition when you are away. For a complimentary home watch assessment, contact GO Naples Concierge at (239) 360-3605 or visit our website by clicking here. 

We hope these humidity control tips help you maintain a clean and healthy living space in your

Florida home. Stay comfortable and worry-free, knowing your property is always in good hands with GO Naples Concierge!