Why Home Inspections After Hurricanes Are So Important


Has your home been impacted by the recent Hurricane Ian? You are one of the many! In Lee County alone, over 5,000 homes were completely destroyed and nearly 42,500 were damaged in some way. We are heartbroken by the devastation our beautiful Southwest Florida has experienced and look forward to the rebuilding process. 


For many homeowners who had minor or moderate damage to their home, a home check by their home watch provider may be enough to address the post storm damage. For others who sustained more severe damage, you may need a more comprehensive review. Below, we’ll discuss some of the reasons you may want to consider a professional post storm home inspection that can assess your level of hurricane damage. 


Additionally, if you are working with a mold remediation company or have to do demolition yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a third party such as a professional home inspector to check the work. They can perform a Post Remediation Verification (PRV). This inspection will document the work performed and provide you with a “clearance report so you can enjoy peace of mind after the work is completed. 


Reason #1 - Impacts to Your Infrastructure

High winds and flooding from a hurricane can do a lot of unseen damage to your property. From roof damage to appliances, drywall, garage doors, pool enclosures, landscaping and more – Hurricanes can impact every part of your home from the inside to the outdoors. If you have any concerns about the level of damage, you can start by contacting your home watch provider for a post-storm home check if they don’t already provide this service (hint: good companies will always provide this. We do!). 


If your home watch provider determines that the damage is severe or out of their scope to assess, your next step is a qualified home inspector who can assess your hurricane damage. This is pretty critical because hidden damage can emerge at a later time and you may lose out on your insurance benefits if you don’t act quickly. 


Reason #2 - Undetected Water Damage 

Has your home experienced severe flooding? One thing that is important to note is that when your home is flooded, you should ensure that any affected areas with drywall are completely removed and replaced with fresh drywall. Keep in mind that some companies may tell you that you can “dry out the water damage” and skip replacing damaged drywall. That is not the best practice and you are potentially setting yourself up for mold growth in the future. 


Another important note is that according to the IICRC, rising flood water is considered a Category Three water intrusion. Category 3 water is water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted or consumed. 


All building materials affected by category 3 should be removed. You’ll want to make sure that the mold remediation company that you choose is following these guidelines, and in many cases, a home inspection after work is completed is the best way to approach this. 


Reason #3 - Peace of Mind after Severe Storms 

The most important reason may be your peace of mind. Wind damage, appliance damage, flooding and eventual microbial growth are all risks to your home after a severe storm. Even if the damage seems minor, over time, more serious damage can start to become apparent. 


Why wait and risk thousands of dollars in property damage? Your best protection is getting ahead of this potential storm damage and getting a thorough inspection for your own peace of mind. Additionally, your insurance company may not cover damage that is found at a later time. Check your insurance policy benefits to be sure, and if required, get a home inspection as soon as possible to prevent losing out on your coverage. 


Do you have any questions, comments or special requests for our team? We know how stressful it is to experience storm damage to your home. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone, text or email to let us know. We are happy to help in any way we can - whether we can connect you with our trusted home inspectors or favorite vendors in Naples for repair.