What to Expect Hurricane Season 2022

As June 1st quickly approaches, you and your family need to be prepared for Florida’s hurricane season! This year, experts predict that hurricane season will be more active than usual. As always, it is important to watch for severe weather and have a plan in place to keep your home and family safe all season long. 

How to Get Prepared?

Instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare for severe weather, try to have a hurricane plan in place before the beginning of the hurricane season. Last-minute preparations can cause stress due to lack of time and forgetting important precautions. As you begin your preparation, keep these helpful tips in mind…

What To Do

* Create an updated evacuation plan.

* Gather non-perishable foods, flashlights (with batteries), and first-aid supplies in a centralized location.

* Hire professionals to install shutters or hurricane-proof windows.

* Store your personal documents in a safe, water-proof place. 

* Contact a local home watch team to help with pre-storm preparations.

What Not To Do

* Leave outdoor furniture unsecured and loose.

* Return home before authorities say it is safe to do so.

* Take shelter in the outskirts of your home.

What To Expect After Severe Weather?

Once you return home, avoid walking near downed power lines and using generators indoors. Check the inside and outside of your home for damages, so you can begin repairs as soon as possible to prevent mold. If you and your family need post-storm assistance, reach out to professionals.

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