Vehicle Care Tips From a Trusted Mechanic

Car care is important when you leave your car for extended periods of time.

For this reason, we reached out to Go Naples Home Watch co-owner Vicky Cardone's father for some helpful advice. Vicky's father is a trusted mechanic with years of experience. Below are his comments on the topic.

There are three possible options for a car that is parked for extended periods of time: 

Disconnect the battery. Not recommended! Most modern cars have so many electronic devices that when you disconnect the battery, these devices could reset or get significantly damaged.
Start the vehicle for a set amount of time, but leave it parked. For certain vehicles this is not recommended because the engine will not have adequate time to cool down. As you drive, air currents help maintain the proper temperature for the engine. 

Drive the vehicle regularly for a short distance. The best option! This allows you to circulate air, dry out the condensation, allow tires to rotate normally and many other important benefits. 

A few reasons option #3 is the best way to keep your car (and most importantly, the engine) in excellent condition:

Rotates the tires and avoids worn down tires. 
Helps circulate fresh air inside the vehicle. 
Avoids the constriction of the brake system. 
Prevents damage to the fuel injection system. 
Prevents mold inside and outside the vehicle. 
Extends the life of the automatic transmission. 
Prolongs the life of your car battery. 

If you choose option three, you can expect to return home to a car that is in good shape. We suggest that when you book our home watch services that you also opt for our car care services. We can easily help you protect and prolong the life of your vehicle, in addition to caring for your home. Get in touch to learn more!