Traveling Soon? Don't Forget to Update Us

Spring is here and many of our Go Naples Home Watch clients are ready to enjoy travel, vacation and spend time away from their seasonal homes. If you are planning to travel, it is important to let us know as soon as you finalize your travel plans. The sooner you let our team know, the better we can accomodate your needs and protect your home in a timely manner. 

When it comes to home watch, time is of essence. That is why communicating with your home watch provider is so crucial. Power outages, tropical storms and unexpected appliance breakdowns are just a few examples of small things that can go wrong. Even a window that is accidentally left open can lead to rain water drenching a room. A quick email or phone call to let us know the time frame for your travel is best so we can plan ahead and ensure your home is scheduled for regular check-ups. 

Below are a few *important* things to share with our team before you travel: 

*Will you be leaving for the entire season?
*Are you taking a short vacation? If so, what are the dates you will need service?
*Will you have house guests or renters on the property? Can we assist with check-in/check-out?
*Do you have any special requests from us? We can take care of your errands, groceries, auto care, repair coordination and more. 

In addition, you will want to perform a few simple prep tasks before you leave to ensure your home is in great condition, and that no accidents occur between the time you leave and we arrive. For example, you will want to shut off your ice maker, turn off your water heater at the breaker box (if it is electrical) and (carefully and slowly) shut off the main water valve. This will ensure no water damage occurs in between the time you leave and when we arrive. 

Below are a few more important things you can do to prep your home for your departure: 

Drain the water out of the lines
▪An electric water heater can be turned off at the circuit breaker while gas water heaters have a vacation setting. 

▪If you have a re-circulation pump, it must also be turned off. 

▪Love your air conditioner – It works hard, all year long. 

▪Have it cleaned and checked once, or twice, per year.  

▪The inexpensive, pleated, filters will do the job. 

Maintain a humidity level of 55% or lower
▪Setting the thermostat between 76 – 78 degrees usually accomplishes this. 
▪Set the thermostat to AUTO-FAN. Never turn the Fan to ON. That will just circulate the moist air.
▪Do not open sliders, or windows, when the AC is operating.
▪If you have a humidistat, be absolutely certain you know how to operate it properly. 

Brush. Flush. Check for leaks – especially in the bathrooms that you use infrequently 

▪Always look for leaks behind the toilet, especially at the valve.
▪Look under all sink drains in the home for signs of leaks.
▪If the grout lines are discolored, you may have water leaking under the floor (from toilet or shower). 

▪If you have any rubber supply lines, change them to stainless steel, braided lines.

Conduct your own home watch visit 
▪Check all ceilings, walls and baseboards for anything that looks irregular. 

▪Spots and stains could indicate wetness or a leak. 

▪Baseboards separated from the wall could be a sign of moisture. 

▪Clean out your pantry. 

▪Old pasta, oatmeal, rice and other grains are home to processed food bugs.
▪Remove anything that can melt, or spoil, from your fridge when leaving for an extended time. 

Remember, an unoccupied home is an at-risk home! Even a short period of water damage can lead to mold or microbial growth (as little as 24-48 hours). The sooner we identify water intrusion, leaks, damage to your home or appliances in need of repair, the better. Small issues can certainly add up and create a disaster if they go unnoticed. 

We hope you find this list of things to prep helpful. We look forward to caring for your home and keeping it safe while you are away. Happy travels from the Go Naples Home Watch team. Please get in touch by calling (239) 360-3605 to book our services, alert us of your travel plans or simply to ask questions!