How to Prepare for Home Departure

How prepared is your home for your seasonal trip this year? Spring is a great time to think ahead to the warm summer months. Many of our clients leave town at the end of spring and during the summer before Naples heats up. 


It’s essential to think about how your most valuable asset, your home, will be impacted while you’re away. Consider that South Florida is often impacted by tropical storms, hurricanes, lightning, and more during the summer and fall when many folks are out of town. 


Below is a helpful checklist to ensure that your home remains in great shape all year long: 


1) Prepare a List of Your Trusted Tradespeople - Gather numbers for your trusted electrician, plumber, roofing contractor, etc. 


  1. 2) Prep for Stormy Weather - Make arrangements for your storm shutters to go up. You should check with your homeowners association about any restrictions. Call your storm shutter company to get them lubricated and serviced before your departure.

  3. 3) Take An Insurance Inventory of Your Possessions - This is essential for insurance claims. Take detailed photos and notes of your most important possessions - We now offer this service for you, we will take videos and pictures of everything in your home including model numbers, and create a digital insurance folder for you in case you ever need it. 

  5. 4) Protect Your Appliances - Repair appliances or book critical maintenance ahead of time. 

  7. 5) Clean Out Your Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry - You will want to throw away any open containers, packages, or foods that may attract pests or insects or any perishables before you leave for the season. 

  9. 6) Turn Off Your Water Supply and Water Heater - This will help reduce water pressure and prevent leaks. If you have a gas water heater, turn it to the lowest setting or vacation mode.

  11. 7) Maintain Your Air Conditioner - Replace your A/C filter, program your thermostat, and set it to the setting between 76-78 degrees, or if you have a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temp for specific times during the day. Keep in mind that in Florida what we need most is to ensure there’s no humidity inside your home.

  13. 8) Help Deter Break-ins - Ensure your alarm system is up to speed and working. Stop mail, newspapers, and deliveries (or request us to be your mail services). Additionally, a great home watch service that regularly stops by your house can be a burglar deterrent. 


Remember, if you need extra support, our team is here for you! GO Naples Concierge is professionally trained, bonded, and insured. We have years of experience in the Southwest Florida area, along with in the service and hospitality industry, and we regularly update our training.


Most importantly, we have the trust of our satisfied customers and many positive testimonials. Contact us today to assist with your seasonal home or departure prep to ensure that your most valuable asset stays in excellent condition all year long. 


If you are already one of our valued clients, thank you for trusting us with your home. If you are seeking a new home watch provider or want to add-on services, please get in touch with us via email, or phone for an in-person consultation. We’re always happy to answer any question you may have - get in touch with us today!