How to Beat the Florida Winter Humidity

Humidity is a constant concern in Southwest Florida, and unsurprisingly, the winter time is no less of a time for this challenge. Many folks think that the winter time with its milder climate is a period of time for less concern but in fact, it can pose a specific set of challenges that many overlook. Below are some things to consider during the winter months for your Florida home:


One concern during the winter months is that your A/C unit may not run for extended periods of time. Some people may even shut it off or reduce its use while going on vacation, thinking this is a helpful way to save energy. Please do not make this mistake! In our climate, you will want to maintain your A/C and humidistat at all times in order to keep mold and mildew at bay. The ideal humidity range for most homes is between 30-60%, keeping in mind this may vary depending on the homeowners preference and consideration such as asthma, allergies and sinus issues. 


You may even consider using a dehumidifier in addition, and make sure ventilation in the home is adequate in order to make sure your humidity range (HR) is optimal. You may also want to consider an A/C tune up or even repair or replacement if the unit is not properly removing humidity. Finally, consider that you have to detect and repair leaks if your humidity is still high with a functioning A/C unit. 


Some concerns that may come up if you have an inadequate humidity range:

-High humidity can make the home feel hotter and more uncomfortable. 

-High humidity can trigger mold growth, damage food and surfaces and trigger adverse reactions to sensitive individuals. 

-Pests, which aggravate allergies and spread disease, thrive in high humidity. 

-In contrast, too low humidity can aggravate allergies, dry out skin, and intensify respiratory problems. 


Keep in mind, a qualified home watch provider, like GO Naples Concierge is an excellent way to get ahead of the heat and humidity year round in South Florida. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us directly by phone, email or text. We’re always happy to help you troubleshoot or arrange for additional visits if necessary. Our primary goal is to ensure that your home is always safe and well-maintained while you are away! 635021