Get Ready for Hurricane Season with Us

Hurricane season is right around the corner, and this time of year can be stressful for homeowners especially if you travel regularly or only live in Florida seasonally. Your home is greatly at risk during powerful storms, and hurricane force winds can create immense structural damage and can pose a threat to you and your family's safety. Not to worry though, this handy checklist from GO Naples Concierge will help you get prepped and ready right in time for the season. 


Below are a few things you'll want to address ahead of storm season:

1) Refresh your landscaping - cut and trim back any tree branches that may become airborne and keep shrubs and bushes trimmed as well. 

2) Install storm shutters- If you already have electric storm shutters, make sure your lower them before leaving or plan ahead to install manual shutters. 

3) Ask GO Naples Concierge for help! We can help bring furniture inside, arrange for specific vendors to maintain your home, help with clean up and even clear out your fridge if needed. We also perform pre and post storm check ups to ensure your home remains in good shape throughout storm season. 

4) Review your homeowners insurance policy and make sure you take pictures of all your valuables that are covered under the policy. 

5) Identify the nearest shelters in your area. You'll also want to make an emergency plan for evacuation and share it with your family. 

6) Create an emergency supply kit with at least two weeks worth of water, shelf stable food, first aid, medications, pet food, prescriptions and anything else you may need. 

7) Ask about our new photo documentation service. To support your insurance claim, we take pictures of all your belongings and all model numbers of appliances and any other pertinent details to create a detailed insurance file. Save time and hassle when you submit claims! 


Remember, if you need extra support, our team is here for you. GO Naples Concierge is professionally trained, bonded, and insured. We have years of experience in the Southwest Florida area, along with in the service and hospitality industry, and we regularly update our training.


Most importantly, we have the trust of our satisfied customers and many positive testimonials. Contact us today to assist with your seasonal home or departure prep to ensure that your most valuable asset stays in excellent condition all year long. 


If you are already one of our valued clients, thank you for trusting us with your home. If you are seeking a new home watch provider or want to add-on services, please get in touch with us via email, or phone for an in-person consultation. We’re always happy to answer any question you may have - get in touch with us today!