Get Ahead of Hurricane Season

Are you hurricane season ready? Many folks wait until the last minute to prepare for storm season in South Florida, but it is always wise to prepare ahead of time. Gain peace of mind by thinking about your emergency plan before you are in the path of severe weather. 

If you haven't already, below are a few important steps to take before storm season arrives this year:

*Make a plan for evacuation and share it with family 
*Secure the outside of your home (or hire someone to do so!) 
*Select and install hurricane shutters
*Stock up on emergency supplies
*Check your insurance coverage 

Remember, please contact your local home watch team, if needed! We can help you put away outdoor furniture, empty your fridge, install storm shutters and so much more. If you are an existing client with travel plans, please let us know as soon as you confirm them. If you'd like to book our pre and post visit services, it is a great idea to get on the schedule sooner than later and make any additional special requests you may have. 

Do not wait until a storm watch is issued. Protect your home & family by creating a plan that you are all aware of and comfortable with. Hurricane season will be begin this June 1st, but it will be here before you know it. Our team is trusted, trained, insured and bonded with five star reviews from our amazing clients. We're proud to offer our services and be here for you this storm season and beyond. Get in touch today by calling (239) 360-3605 to make your storm prep plans with our team.