Four Important Benefits of Seasonal Home Watch

Snowbird season starts in the fall in South Florida, running from October to April. During the summer months, many of these residents leave their homes vacant for a period of time. Unfortunately, the longer you leave your home vacant, the more at risk it can become for water damage, flooding, property damage, and more. In many cases, a good home watch provider can help mitigate this risk and keep your seasonal home or rental in excellent condition when you return for the cooler months. 

Below are four important benefits of seasonal home watch, and why you should absolutely consider added care if you are a seasonal resident.

#1 - Meet Your Insurance Policy Requirements 

In most cases, your homeowners insurance has requirements that apply to vacant homes. For example, many policies require weekly inspections or a minimum of days occupied to cover damage or approve claims. We always recommend you contact your specific insurance provider to find out the specifics of their requirements. Bottom line - Be informed and do not get caught off guard when it comes to your insurance coverage! 

#2 - Prevent Property Damage

During the rainy months from May to November in South Florida, the possibility of storm damage always increases. Many homeowners will experience leaks, flooding, roof damage and more after severe weather. If you are present, you can respond quickly and prevent small damages from becoming excessive. That’s why home watch is so critical - with regular home watch services you can prevent a small leak or flood from turning into severe water damage and thousands in repairs. 

#3 - Reduce the Risk of Theft

A vacant home is often an appealing target, especially when it appears vacant. This can easily be prevented by using regular home watch services. Your home watch provider can do a general inspection of the home, ensure doors and windows are locked, and make sure your regular home maintenance (home and garden upkeep) continues. All of these can help deter theft by providing a regular presence and keeping your home occupied. 

#4 - Enjoy Added Benefits When You Return Home

In many cases, a great home watch service has added benefits that you can request. For example, some providers will pick up your groceries, run errands for you, check your mail and even prep your home for arrival. If you rent or host guests, home watch providers can also help with greeting and guest check-in. Have a favorite drink or magazine you would like picked up before you come home? Not a problem! Our team can do this for you and more. 

Our team is trusted, bonded and insured, and highly reviewed by our clients. We believe in providing the highest level of care and service, whether you own multiple homes, rentals or a seasonal home. If you are interested in our seasonal home watch services, please contact us to discuss your needs via phone at (239) 360-3605 or email at at any time, and we’ll be happy to go over the possibilities with you.