Are Moisture Absorbers Worth It?

In South Florida, high humidity is very common in unoccupied homes. If not taken care of correctly, high humidity can cause major damage to homes and properties. Many homeowners use DampRid, or other moisture absorbers to manage their home’s high humidity levels. Moisture absorbers are not meant to control humidity levels in large spaces for extended periods of time. These products should be used in closets, bathrooms, or other small areas in your home to remove smaller portions of moisture. We do not recommend using moisture absorbers to continually remove moisture from your unattended home, especially in the humid spring and summer.

Why Should I Not Use Moisture Absorbers?

*If the moisture absorber fills up, it just sits there. It must be removed and replaced. 

*Active ingredients need to be replaced frequently.

*They only remove moisture from the air in the surrounding area of the container. For large spaces, you would need to put more than one moisture absorber.

Our Recommendations

If you plan to leave your home unattended for extended periods of time, look into contacting your local home watch provider for additional help. Support from a qualified home watch team can assist you with regular upkeep, maintenance checks, and AC/Heating services.

Remember to protect your home from easily preventable humidity damage, especially during the spring and summer months in Southwest Florida. Let us help you gain peace of mind by not having to worry about your home while you are away. Our team is trusted, trained, insured, and bonded with five-star reviews from our amazing clients. We're proud to offer our services and be here for you. Get in touch today by calling (239) 360-3605 to make your homewatch plans with our team.